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We are building a company using data to solve complex issues.  With over 90% of the data being created over the last 3 years you can get overwhelmed.  Yet if the data is used and analyzed properly, many of the world's most challenging problems can be mitigated or solved.  We are using data to solve problems in your "Arena". 

Our Approach

We are linking veterans, trained in the art of decision science, to help our clients solve their problems.  In addition, we have partnered with Universities to develop a depth of domain awareness that will enable the ITA Data Analytics Center (ITADAC) to address a variety of complex issues.  

Why Us?

With the tremendous amount of data being thrust upon organizations from Government, to Commercial enterprises to Non-Profits, let us help you make sense of your data.  We can not only help you survive in your "Arena" but thrive in it.


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